Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Resoultions

Resolutions. As 2016 draws to a close I, like so many others, am reflecting and looking forward to 2017. In 2016, I swear I had a revelation. Resolutions should be attainable. 

2015 was not my shining year. I was in a very dark place as 2016 was approaching, so my rock of a man pushed me to set resolutions for 2016. He then taped our resolutions to the side of the refrigerator and told me we'd achieve as many as we could in 2016 and that he'd be there for me for every challenge. 

C's 2016 Goals: Hunt something, manage money better, continue schooling, follow through with gym

My 2016 Goals: Save more money, hit 10,000 on Fitbit as many times as possible, go to the gym more, make this semester my bitch, radical acceptance

These goals were actually realistic and therefore, we felt able to work towards them. We really had success with every goal we set (except C hasn't had a chance to try out 'hunting something' but we'll get there in 2017!)

As the new year is quickly rolling in, this year, I am the one to push for resolutions. Here they are.

C's 2017 Goals: Graduate from the police academy and don't get fired, hunt something, continue higher education
My 2017 goals: Graduate from nursing school, use my camera more, improve at running, spend less time on social media

Our 2017 Goals: Set a wedding date, save for a wedding, go camping

I wish you wellness, peace, health and happiness in this new year.


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